This site contains many useful tutorials – so many that they were becoming hard to find! So I put together this little page to help everyone quickly find the most important and popular tutorials they’re looking for. Facebook deprecated old api regularly, so I have not mention some of my popular but old posts here. Hope you enjoy! :]

Facebook iFrame Applications

  1. Graph API & IFrame Base Facebook Application Development PHP SDK 3.0
  2. Graph API & IFrame Base Facebook Application Development PHP SDK 2.0 (old sdk)

Facebook Connect to standalone website

  1. PHP SDK 3.0 & Graph API base Facebook Connect Tutorial
  2. New JavaScript SDK & OAuth 2.0 based FBConnect Tutorial
  3. Graph Api & Javascript Base Facebook Connect Tutorial (old javascript library)
  4. PHP SDK & Graph API Base Facebook Connect Tutorial (old php sdk)
  5. Create Facebook PopUp Authentication Window using PHP and javascript (old php+javascript sdk, but useful concept)

Facebook Page Applications

  1. iSimple – Graph API & IFrame Base Facebook Page Application Development
  2. iAdvance – Graph API & Iframe base Facebook Page Application Development

Facebook Common Solutions

  1. User’s Demographic Data from Facebook
  2. Essential Graph API of Facebook
  3. Facebook App’s Infinite Redirection Solution
  4. How to develop facebook application for iPhone

Linkedin API & Other 3rd Party API Integration

  1. Integrate Linkedin Api In Your Site
  2. Integrate linkedin API part 2
  3. Develop auto post publishing twitter app  (Twitter API integration)
  4. Paypal Integration ( Paypal )

My Open Source Projects

  1. Open Source Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin Status Update Application  (old facebook sdk, need update)
  2. Open Source Facebook Photo Gallery (very old facebook sdk, need to update)

MySQL Tutorials

  1. How to get rank using mysql query
  2. Getting rank today, this week and this month
  3. MySQL random data selection
  4. Encrypt MySQL data using AES techniques
  5. MySQL – NULL vs ” vs ‘NULL’
  6. Using MySQL Stored Procedure to create sample data

PHP Tutorials

  1. Easy way to data filter and validate in php
  2. method chaining in php5

Others Important

  1. Cron – automated task using php
  2. Manage your VPS by VirtualMin web server control panel


  1. iframe based photo/file uploader
  2. Are you handling Ajax Error ?


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