Increase facebook iframe app’s performance

This tutorial is for advanced facebook app developer. If you’re beginner than first learn about developing facebook application. Normally if you see iframe base or fbconnect base facebook application development using php sdk you’ll notice some authentication code. In the example they will run that authentication code each time before page load. But if you

Sun Mobile Dictionary – iPhone App

3 days ago Apple approved one of my educational application for iPhone. This is a dictionary application that I first developed for j2me based mobile phone. For the last 5 weeks I was learning Objective C and iPhone application development and then I developed this application. This is a very popular dictionary for mobile phone,

Are you defensive programmer?

So what is defensive programming? Shortly said, in any problematic situation your code doesn’t break rather bypass the situation by taking proper steps. If you want to know details just visit wikipedia I am just writing this article because I found that many programmers don’t accept this approach. So if you provide unexpected data sometimes

Apply new data model and do specific change

Facebook declared their new data model some months ago, and June 30 is the deadline for all apps to change. After then they will automatically update your application. According to facebook new data model is: “Providing greater control to users, this change also helps application developers. When you upgrade your application to the new data

Waiting for apple’s approval

For couple of weeks I was very busy. After wake up from sleep I just open my laptop and start study till end of  night, beside my main job. My study was  about Objective C and iPhone Application development. Last 4 days, I got more pressure. I developed a dictionary application for iphone. Basically a

Codeigniter 1.7 Professional Development Book Review

Some days ago I got this book from packt. I skimmed all the chapters of this book and read details some chapters. This is a very good book to start developing web application using Codeigniter framework. The writer Adam Griffiths nicely describes details of this framework. Beside codeigniter framework, the writer also mentioned how to

User’s Demographic Data from Facebook

Sometimes you may need to collect facebook user’s basic data for your website or application. Then you’ve to call graph api or legacy api or fql query to collect some specific data. This is a basic requirements for most of the fbconnect base website or facebook application. For this reason, here I’m sharing the code,