New invite dialog by facebook

Facebook recently made a new invite dialog that’s very easy to use. Using simple javascript function you can do it easily. Checkout this link and click New Invite to see the dialog. To create this dialog just load the javascript sdk, initiate and call this function And in html code just call the function To

Facebook user be aware

According to Facebook new blog post any facebook application now can prompt to user to get his mobile phone number and personal address. This is very good if the application really needs it but as a facebook user you shouldn’t allow to provide this sensitive information, until you trust the application much. There are many

iOS App Translator Free (+)

Few days ago, Apple approved my latest iOS App that is Translator Free. I developed this app very user friendly with gorgeous interface. This application translates more than 50 languages including Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish and Vietnamese. I used Objective C,

Facebook Improves their Platform Dialogs

According to the facebook developer blog Facebook updated their platform dialogs. So now its become more easy to – publishing a stream story – sending a friend request from your facebook application.  They said “Our new Platform Dialogs are designed to work identically for developers building applications on, third party websites, and mobile devices

Essential Graph API of Facebook

Facebook recently updated their platform and added some new graph APIs. In this tutorial I’ll show some important usage of graph api. The examples here I provided as a cook-book format. If you’re beginner then please read my previous articles: PHP SDK and Graph API Graph API and Javascrip Base Facebook Connect Graph API and

Integrate linkedin API part 2

Someday ago I was working in a site, where I’ve  implemented many features of linkedin via their API using PHP language. Linkedin has updated their API, they also introduced new Javascript based API and widgets . Javascript based api is very easy to integrate and widget is far easier than others. Whatever, in this article

Are you handling Ajax Error ?

Yesterday I was working on an existing project developed by other company. One of my task was “Ensure that all ajax actions time out gracefully ” . In my programming career first time I see this type of task. Why? Because the other programmer who work for that company, don’t know or don’t care to