Beginning of my career

After long days I’m writing this post. Though my blog is very popular for facebook related tutorials, but this is not anything related to facebook or php. This is about me and beginning of my career. I think every programmer should learn different languages and work in different platforms. You can ask me why? If

Facebook App’s Infinite Redirection Solution

Yesterday someone mailed me that my application is continuously refreshing. I developed that application 1 year ago for demo purpose. So today I checked and I found yeah its refreshing continuously. Then I changed the application setting like below and thus the problem solved. So if you also faced this type of problem first

Cron – automated task using php

For last few weeks I have been working in a web application, where I’ve to do some automated tasks. This is the first time I learned cron process, wrote php script for the cron process and some basic shell script that runs the php script. So here I’m describing the things I learned. Summary of

New invite dialog by facebook

Facebook recently made a new invite dialog that’s very easy to use. Using simple javascript function you can do it easily. Checkout this link and click New Invite to see the dialog. To create this dialog just load the javascript sdk, initiate and call this function And in html code just call the function To

Facebook user be aware

According to Facebook new blog post any facebook application now can prompt to user to get his mobile phone number and personal address. This is very good if the application really needs it but as a facebook user you shouldn’t allow to provide this sensitive information, until you trust the application much. There are many