Do Manual Optimization in AdMob to Earn Better

Google AdMob dashboard gives us opportunity to optimize ads performance, which many people overlook. If you check it regularly, you may get chance to optimize a bit for a while to earn better. Today I will discuss about that. Basically I prefer, to serve all ads including direct client ads, house ads via AdMob mediation. Google

How I work from home

My Home Office: Since 2009 I work from home and I always wanted to make my home office perfect for me. It was finally possible after I bought my own condo recently, I used one medium size room decorated for my office. I bought a long L shaped table, where I can put everything I needed,

Njump my first arcade game released today

I am happy to announce my first arcade game released today in Apple App Store. I started develop this game in 11th January 2016 and submitted the first version in 20th May, 2016. Apple is very fast within 30 hours they reviewed and approved my game. This is my 11th iOS game and first arcade game.