Paypal Integration

Paypal is very common for transaction and in this article I’ll show you how to integrate paypal in your site. Case 1: Suppose you have a paypal account. You want to sell something and want to make money transaction through paypal. Now there are a critical situation. When someone buy your product through paypal, suppose

Communication between Action Script 3.0 And Server

Some days ago I developed a personal facebook application. In that application, I’ve to communicate between my flash (AS 3.0) game and my server. Now I’ve given the scenario I’ve faced: Case 1: My target was to develop a dictionary and some simple word puzzle type games. And the application is for facebook. Case 2:

HTML 5 Draft, Future of Web Content

At last HTML 5 Draft is published by world wide web. W3C launched the HTML Working Group in March 2007 as a forum for building consensus around the new standard. The group has already published a set of HTML design principles, which include: ensuring support for existing content, codifying widespread practice, separating concerns (markup from

Design your web application before developing

As a professional web application developer, we’ve to develop application faster with maintaining the quality, security and performance. Once upon a time, when people develop web application without further planning about structure and maintenance. Now the situation is quite different. Today’s web application are very complex. Now it’s very important to structure the application. Now

Windows Xp Vs Ubuntu

After 4 months I’ve to fully come back Windows Xp instead of Ubuntu Linux. There are some reasons why I’ve to take this major dicision. My laptop Compaq EvoN6206 is designed for Windows Xp. 512 ram and pentium M processor 1.4 GHZ gives better performance than Ubuntu or Fedora. As I’ve license to use Windows

Communication is paramount

For overseas project, communication is very essential. Clients love to see progress. If you could e-mail them every day showing them some really cool new piece of functionality or some neat new design element, you would probably have the happiest client in the world. The flip side is true too: if you’ve run into some

NetBeans IDE 6.5 Beta: Geared for PHP Development!

WOW! It’s a great IDE man! Thanks to Lioyd Dunn to develop such a great plug-in for NetBeans IDE. I use NetBeans IDE for long days for J2ME and Java development. Now I’m very happy to see the full support for PHP development. I used Eclipse IDE, Zend Studio for PHP development. But after

LINUS TORVALDS – One of my favourite person

Currently I’m studying a book named “Beginning Ubuntu Linux”. Where I found some words of Linux Torvalds (the creator of Linux Kernel). So, I think to share that words to my blog readers: Linus Benedict Torvalds was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1969. A member of the minority Swedish-speaking population, he attended the University of