how to detect fan of a facebook page

some days ago, i was facing a critical problem of facebook page. i was stuck for more than 2 days to get the solution. detecting facebook fan is very easy in application’s canvas page or application’s tab page in user’s profile. i’ve given a screenshot of tab profile in a facebook page.

method chaining in php5

পিএইচপি৫ এ মেথড চেইনিং when we design class we should keep in mind that, how we could make it more user friendly in usage purpose and development purpose. now i’m talking about a feature introduced by php5 called method chaining as part of the oop improvement over php4. this enable us to do pretty cool

alternative way of assigning html in php – php tips

পিএইচপি ভ্যারিয়বলে এইচটিএমএল অ্যাসাইন করার বিকল্প রাস্তা As a facebook application developer, sometimes we need to assign large portion of html,css code in php variable and need to pass that variable in some api. most of the time i found many programmers use this way:

authenticate your site using google friend connect – api

in my previous article i described how to add google friend connect gadget in your site. in this article i am describing how you will fully authenticate your site by integrating google friend connect. suppose your site has a default authentication system. but for new users who doesn’t want to register, how could you

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