build voice enabled applications directly in php

VoicePHP began with the sole aim of replacing text based interaction with voice while keeping everything else the same. It’s not an extension to PHP; infact it’s the same PHP which now outputs voice instead of text and also takes input as voice instead of text. In technical terms, it’s PHP whose standard text based

how to detect fan of a facebook page

some days ago, i was facing a critical problem of facebook page. i was stuck for more than 2 days to get the solution. detecting facebook fan is very easy in application’s canvas page or application’s tab page in user’s profile. i’ve given a screenshot of tab profile in a facebook page.

method chaining in php5

পিএইচপি৫ এ মেথড চেইনিং when we design class we should keep in mind that, how we could make it more user friendly in usage purpose and development purpose. now i’m talking about a feature introduced by php5 called method chaining as part of the oop improvement over php4. this enable us to do pretty cool

alternative way of assigning html in php – php tips

পিএইচপি ভ্যারিয়বলে এইচটিএমএল অ্যাসাইন করার বিকল্প রাস্তা As a facebook application developer, sometimes we need to assign large portion of html,css code in php variable and need to pass that variable in some api. most of the time i found many programmers use this way: