My Personal Web Hosting Experience

Let me tell you a story about my experience regarding web hosting, cdn technology, domain registration company. In 2007 I first bought a shared hosting from a local (Bangladeshi) company named Their service and supports are good and cheap in Bangladesh.  Later I found that they provide their hosting from In 2008, first

Facebook wall post style

Stream publish is one of the vital issue in facebook application or facebook connect base application. If you want to publish stream from your facebook application or facebook page application then you have to call method with some parameters. If you want to publish from facebook connect base application then you have to call with

Open Source Facebook Photo Gallery

Two months ago, I developed a facebook photo gallery which is FBConnect, php, facebook api and Jquery based. Today I released the full project as open source GPL license. So you can download the full project, modify and create derivative products for your own purpose or commercial usage. Checkout the demo of the project

Getting external parameters in ActionScript 3

Actually this is not a big or complex post. I am a part time ActionScript 3.0 developer and recently in my company i2we, inc. I developed a customized jobs search widget for them. Where one of the criteria was when we include flash object in html, we can provide external parameter. Based on the parameter