Memory Game Advance

After 8 days, Apple reviewed and approved my second iPhone game developed using Cocos2d framework.  In this game you’ve to match a pair of objects as quickly as possible. Objects are randomly placed so its a bit difficult but interesting. There is also a ranking system based on time and number of clicks. So play this game and have fun.

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So what is cocos2d ?

cocos2d for iPhone is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other graphical/interactive applications. It is based on the cocos2d design: it uses the same concepts, but instead of using python it uses objective-c language. It also used Open GL ES to render game screen.

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  • memory game online
    January 1, 2011 at 11:44 am

    Congrats on your game being approved ! Any game that kids enjoy and that’s educational is a good game.

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