Is Facebook Ads for iOS and Android Apps Marketing Really Effective

I have been using Facebook Ads for our mobile apps marketing specially iOS apps marketing over last 4 years. I invested a lots of money on it. Today I am going to share my actual experience of Facebook Ads in terms of mobile apps marketing.

Well, for apps in Google Play, Facebook Ads was not effective for me. So I rarely used Facebook Ads for android apps install campaign. What I found if you put ads via Google Play console which is served via Google Adwords is cheaper and more effective. So when I spend money for android apps, I mainly use Google Adwords.

Facebook Ads was served very good for me for our iOS applications. I found the CPA – Cost Per Acquisition (install) was  quite cheaper compare to Google Ads. You can also customize facebook ads and target very specific type of users. Which is really very good thing of facebook ads. For example, you can show your english learning app to those users who are very interested to learn English. Last time I used Google Analytics for Mobile and later Firebase analytics within my app. And as well I have been using Facebook analytics within app for long time. Recently I am shocked to see one suggestion from Facebook Analytics, checkout the following screen in red color sentence:

Facebook Analytics


It’s really shocking for the apps I am marketing. If you  are an indie developer, and doing business with freemium apps monetized by ads, then this message is really shocking. Earning by mobile ads needs user have to use your app more, if users use less then it’s not quite effective to earn money. And this message saying to me, for one of my particular app, people who installed the app by clicking an ads which was served by Facebook and I spent money for that, are 70% less effective users I got.

So less effective users means, very less income or no income at all. If you spent, 0.20 USD for per user, and earning 0.10 USD from those users, you’re loosing money and you ROI is not good at all.

So what’s the solution? Well, I am still experimenting, currently testing with Apple Search ads for iOS app install campaign. But there is a country limitation in Apple Search ads, only US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. May be in future they will add more countries.

According to my experience in Google Play ads campaign via Google Adwords, people who search a term and see a suggested app most probably use that app more, than those users who install an app by thinking to use later. While a user seeing facebook feeds, and click an ads to install app, there is high chance he thinks to use the app later. On other case, if a user looking for an app in Google Play or in App Store and see an ads suggesting app, there is high chance if he install the app from that ad will use the app more.

If you monetize app by showing ads, you need users have to use your app more, otherwise earning money is too difficult from those users. If you have any experience or suggestion, share with us by comment.


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