Twitter like p2 theme for wordpress

Sometimes short message posting looks far better than a long posting. For this purpose you can use twitter or facebook fan page. Facebook fan page is better than twitter in one sense is that, you can attach video, image and  your message could be long than twitter. Though we use fan page or twitter to inform our friends or connection about our status or some news.

If you want a twitter and facebook fan page like features for your own purpose,  where you can publish full post or short message, attach image/video whatever then you can use wordpress and p2 theme.  P2 theme is excellent. You can also use p2 theme as group blog for short update.

p2 alternative twitter for wordpress

Check out my personal short message page . Its very easy to setup p2 theme. You have to just installed wordpress in your own domain and then just upload the p2 theme and activate. Super easy right?

So at a glance look at the features of p2 theme:

  • Twitter like interface
  • You can publish message more than 140 chars
  • You can also publish full post that contains title, body
  • In each message you can add tags
  • Live tag suggestion
  • You can post message in the front page
  • You can use as a group blogging
  • You can show or hide comments below each post for tidy look
  • You’ll get real time notification when new comment or updated is posted
  • You can use some keyboard shortcuts
mahmud ahsan

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  • Mads
    March 10, 2010 at 12:11 am

    Hi nice site ^^ thanks for the info!

  • saif
    March 11, 2010 at 3:15 pm

    mahmud, I’m using this theme for last 4 months :), however it’s really a nice theme.

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