integrate google friend connect in your site -non api

in this article i’ll show how you could integrate google friend connect in your site.


integration of google friend connect is very easy. visit

  1. now click set up a new site. you will see 2 options. click friend connect for standard web sites
  2. this will show you an overview page.  click continue
  3. now you’ll see a page “tell us about your site”. fill the site name field and the home url field. click continue
  4. now you’ll see ‘add the following files to your site’ page. here download the 2 files and upload those  in your site as defined by ‘upload to’.

so at this stage you completed the google friend connect setup. now i’ll show how to integrate code on your site.

suppose you want a member gadget then click Add a Members gadget ». members gadget allows visitors to:

  • join your site
  • sign in and out
  • see pictures of other site members
  • see pictures of their friends
  • explore other members’ profiles

now you’ll see a page from where you could change color and size of member gadget. now click generate code. it will provide you the html code, now just copy it and paste into your html page. done 🙂

like this way you could integrate many gadgets provided by google friend connect. some useful gadgets are

have fun. 🙂

mahmud ahsan

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