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First of all, I want to say myself as a J2ME expert. In my university life I spent too much time in it. However come to the point, after completely changed my platform from Windows to Ubuntu Linux I’m free from pirated software.

For developing java application j2se+j2me I prefer to use NetBeans IDE. In ubuntu it’s very easy to install. But after installing I could develop j2me application using it but the emulator doesn’t run perfectly. I tried many times and installed all J2SE runtime and library like gcj …. and more … But I was failure to run using NetBeans IDE’s Emulator for J2ME.

Today I download the J2ME development environment from java.sun.com. I installed it and it runs perfectly. I could run j2me application also.

But I need to run application from NetBeans IDE. So I did this, tools->java platform->add platform
Then I set the location /opt/WTK2.5 . NetBeans IDE detects J2ME platform. And finally I’m success and happy to run J2ME application in Ubuntu using NetBeans IDE.

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  • pandian
    February 19, 2009 at 6:32 am


    How to work with J2ME with Eclipse IDE.can you explain about th
    that one.



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