Add social feature quickly in your iOS app using OWActivityViewController

XCode Recently we used a nice social sharing feature library for one of our iOS application. The name of the library is OWActivityViewController. It is an open source alternative to UIActivityViewController. It is customisable and it supports from iOS 5.0. It offers the following features in an app:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook (only supported in iOS 6)
  3. Sina Weibo (only supported in iOS 6)
  4. Message
  5. Mail
  6. Open in Safari
  7. Save to Album
  8. Open in Maps
  9. Print
  10. Copy

That means, only the library iOS supports can be available and use using this plugin. The only downside of this library I found is, Facebook button is not showing for iOS 5.0 users, because at that time iOS 5.0 doesn’t have any facebook built in support like twitter. But the good thing is according to iOS Statistics by david smith  over 85% users are using iOS 6.0. So either you can customise the plugin, add facebook library yourself or you can just neglect facebook feature for iOS 5.0 users.

OWActivityViewController for iOS 6.0 users

OWActivityViewController for iOS 6.0 users

Integration is super easy. You just need to add the framework in your app, include the specific header files and write the code.  A detailed tutorial and library you can download from the following link:

Download Code

Hope this library will make you faster to quickly implement social and useful feature in your iOS app.

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