Marketing Tips: Localized message in Facebook Ads attract more users

Today I am going to share you one trick about optimizing Facebook ads that I learned over time. When you put an ads in facebook you can target countries, cities, age and many other things. Long ago, when I put ads in Facebook, I only used ads message in English though I targeted my apps in middle east, India or some other countries. Now I don’t use English, unless my target location is English speaking countries.

Fb Ads

For example, I have an app to write Tamil notes. This app is targeted to users who’s mother tongue is Tamil. Tamil is a language used in southern India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore. When I put ads in Facebook for this app, I noticed when I only use English language there are good impressions but high CPM which takes more money but got less installs. My budget is limited, so I changed the message in Tamil language, I targeted users in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia who speaks Tamil by setting language property in advanced options. Now I noticed, I get more installs with less price. I tested some of my other apps with localized language and found very good install rate with low cost.

But one thing please remember, don’t use machine translation for this kind of thing. Use human translation for localized message. There are many sites for this, but I mostly use service.


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