Facebook User’s Profile Left Side Widget Is Deprecated

profile-widget-deprecatedAccording to developer roadmap by facebook this type of widget is now deprecated and any time facebook will remove this feature from application. I don’t support this decision, because widgets are one of the nice features for facebook application. Look at the birthday widget, this updates periodically when any new friend’s birthday is coming soon. And thus user becomes informed about his friends birthday.

Like this there are many good applications those use this widget feature. I don’t know why facebook deprecated this widget, because user can add/remove this type of widget according to his own wish.

Whatever now application tabs will be the only way to integrate into the Profile. So the below methods are deprecated and if you use this feature in your application you should now remove the code from your applications.

The following api methods are deprecated

$facebook->api_client->profile_setFBML(NULL, $user, 'profile', NULL, NULL, 'profile_main');

The following fbml tag is deprecated

<fb:add-section-button section="profile" />


mahmud ahsan

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  • Jobaer Shuman
    April 4, 2010 at 8:05 pm

    profile widget based ekta application er idea chilo amar. idea tar r kono value nei akhon. mejaj ta kharap hoye gelo. ghrrr

    offtopic: ami shadharonoto mobile a blog pori. cz daily journey er somoytuku utilize kora hoi. so mobile friendly site hoile visit korte shubidha hoi. “mobilepress” wordpress plugin ta josh, use korte paren.

  • mahmud ahsan
    mahmud ahsan
    April 4, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    @Jobaer Shuman vai, thanks i’ll install that plugin asap.