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Better late than never

Drinking honey

My Macro Work

Once a senior brother told me, “Better late than never”. This is one of the very life changing proverb for me. After I graduated in Computer Science since 2008, I have been started my career as a PHP based web application developer. In 2010, there were some iPhone apps developing craze. Actually it started several years before 2010.  But I got some curiosity in 2010 to learn and develop apps in iOS platform.

It was not an easy way to start. I purchased a used mac laptop and a iPod Touch 2nd generation. Though I knew C and C++ very well, but Obj-C was a new language for me as well as iOS application development. But if you have serious passion you can master on anything. I started learning application development as a hobby beside my full time web development based job.

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My personal books collection in last 2 years

I love studying books very much. Since I came in Malaysia 2012, this are my personal collection. Though most of the books are photography related . Beside this I buy and study different kinds of ebook in my iPad.

My Personal Books Collection

Happy Reading :)

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Frustrated About New AdMob Merged with AdSense

google-admob Yesterday I first saw the message “We have launched a new version of AdMob! Upgrade Learn more” at the top of my AdMob dashboard. When I click Upgrade I redirected to a new page, where I see I can’t login because 7 years ago my google account’s corresponding adsense account was disabled for invalid activity. Then I visited there new admob featured page to learn more about whats new.

My first disappointment was, as the New AdMob merged with AdSense, so the payment policy is followed by the AdSense. As a result, when you upgrade the new AdMob, you can no longer get your payment via Paypal and Wire Transfer. The only available options are EFT which is in very limited countries, Cheque (the old way) and for some countries Western Union.

I had been using AdMob since 2010 when I was in Bangladesh, 2012 I came in Malaysia. So for Bangladeshi users they can only get payment by cheque from the new Admob, and in Malaysia we can get payment via Cheque and Western Union. Personally I don’t like both options at all. I don’t like to go banks every month for this. In Bangladesh, there is no paypal so I used to get my income via Wire Transfer from AdMob. In Malaysia sometimes I used Paypal and sometimes Wire Transfer. But if I upgrade to the new AdMob, both options gone. What a shame!

Fortunately I yet not upgraded to new AdMob, and I really don’t want to upgrade. I wish Google will consider at least Wire Transfer as an option in outside of US. I really wonder if Apple, MMedia, MdotM and lots of other companies have no problem to send income via Wire Transfer, then why Google don’t want to use that option. This is shame for such a big company (Google).

I don’t know if in near future Google will force all the AdMob users to upgrade to the new system, until then I’ll continue to use. But if Google force, then I may continue to user their ad mediation system but may leave the admob advertise system in my apps.

For more about new AdMob: 

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Personal Health Records: Retrieving Contextual Information with Google Custom Search

My Research Room In my M.Sc study & research me along with my supervisor had written a paper related to Health Informatics that had published in the conference Global Telehealth 2012, Sydney, Australia. The paper had also received one of the best conference paper award in the conference. In my research in MMU, I’m working in health technology and informatics and this is the first time I’ve written an academic paper in my life.

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Bad experience on Malaysian Expressway from Melaka to Kuala-lumpur

FraudToday my wife and me were going to KL from Melaka by our own car. We started our journey at 12:42PM from Melaka. When we are in 54 KM, 233.5 (Highway mark) distance, suddenly a piece of strong wood or metal type things fly and hit my windscreen. And my windscreen totally cracked and broke, I switched on the left signal and went to the emergency lane. I phoned Plus service (express way service people) number 1800-88-00-00 described my situation, given my car number and the express way position (233.5). They told me they will send service. We are waiting within 5 minutes, 2 Indian people from opposite lane (KL to Melaka) come and told us what happened. I told the situation and told I called the police, because at the first sight it seems to me that the guy may be fraud. The guy told me yeah we are from the phone call (but the guy actually very poor in English). Whatever my wife and me thought ok may be it possible the service dept. quickly send some service for help.

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Passing time in my Masters Study and Research

Some people ask me why I’m absent in Facebook app development tutorial writing? There are actually several reasons behind it. Firstly I retired active Facebook app developing for last 1 year. Then I involved myself for iPhone application development specially in last year along with freelance web development. And beginning of this year I’ve started my Masters study by research. So today I’m going to share my experience and thoughts in last 3 months of my study and research.

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Another Career Twist, Started M.Sc in Information Science & Technology in MMU Melaka, Malaysia

MMU In late 2011, I wrote a blog post where I mentioned that I was trying to come in Malaysia for M.Sc study. I was trying and trying, applying here and there and finally in February 2012 I got the good news that, I’ve approved to get Research Fund in Multimedia University (MMU), Melaka Campus for study and research in Health Information Technology. My supervisor and co-supervisor are great and highly experienced people. My supervisor is by born American, completed his B.Sc & M.Sc in US, Ph.D in Germany and worked in various university. My co-supervisor is also Ph.D holder. So I will learn many things from them.

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Rewind 2011 & Happy New Year 2012

iPhone4Firstly I want to say sorry to my blog readers because I didn’t publish much article about facebook app development in 2011. Because I was very busy for my job, life and honestly said I was not an active facebook web developer in 2011. In computer science algorithm and data structure subject we learned “Time space trade off”. That means if you need faster solution you’ve to use more space and vice versa. This is happened in our life also. If you invest some time in a work you definitely have to  leave some time in other works.

Whatever I’m writing this post to inform my friends and blog readers about my activity in 2011

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200+ ACM Problems solution source code

ACMDuring 2003~2007 I was an undergraduate computer science student. In this time for our course material and for programming passion I used to try to solve ACM problems from the well-known University of Valladolid site. I solved arround 203 ACM problems in this site. Today I found in my laptop still the accepted codes are saved. So I think I should share these code. May be these could be useful for someone. I had written 99% of my code using C++ language.

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Beginning of my career

After long days I’m writing this post. Though my blog is very popular for facebook related tutorials, but this is not anything related to facebook or php. This is about me and beginning of my career.

I think every programmer should learn different languages and work in different platforms. You can ask me why? If you work on PHP backend development for 5 years, you will become an experienced guy and will earn better income.

So why you’ll invest your time for other language and other platform?
Because it will give you a good taste of programming and you’ll enjoy yourself. I’m not telling you to leave PHP development and move to other platform, I’m just telling you to make some extra time from your regular job and work in different platform or technology.

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