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Mobilizing the Internet: Mobile Web 2.0

Mobile Web 2.0 seems to be the latest catch-phrase to describe the newest iteration of the wireless Internet. Juniper Research predicts the mobile Web market will be worth $22.5 billion in 2013. But does anyone really know what Mobile Web 2.0 means? The definitions run the gamut from open networks to bypassing the operator. Clearly

Google drops Bluetooth and GTalkService APIs from Android 1.0

According to the Android Developers Blog, Google has dropped the Bluetooth and GTalkService instant messaging Application Programming Interface (APIs) from the first version of the Android phone operating system. What this means is that developers will be unable to build third-party applications that interface with or utilize Bluetooth on an Android phone. Handsets based on

BOUML – A free UML 2 Tool box

Once upon a time, in my university life, I was searching a free tool for UML modelling. After searching, I found a nice tool.  Some features of it: BOUML is a free UML 2 tool box (under development) allowing you to specify and generate code in C++, Java, Idl, Php and Python. BOUML runs under

.Net Game Programming With Direct X

When a child plays a computer game or mobile game, sometimes he dreams to make a game. If you study about the childhood of the best and famous game developer, you’ll find most of them are game addicted in their childhood. So why not try yourself to make a game. A game starts with a

Base Conversion – Handle upto 36 bases

Sometimes we need base conversion for different purpose. Here I have shown a technique that handles upto 36 bases. I implemented this using C++ language. But using this concept you could modify it and change it to any language. The main concept is, to change base ‘X’ to base ‘Y’. First convert base ‘X’ to

Google Hack – A must read to learn…

Google is now a days the most popular search engine. But from a scratch Google becomes internet giant. There are various types of business directed by Google. DOWNLOAD GOOGLE HACK Why Google Hacks? “Hacks” are generally considered to be “quick-n-dirty” solutions to programming problems or interesting techniques for getting a task done. But what does

Hacking Secret Revealed

Hacking Secret Revealed Download By downloading and reading this material you’ll learn • How “hackers” get into your system • What tools they use • How a hacker can effectively “Bug” your house via your computer. (Don’t believe me, read on you’ll be very surprised) • What information they have access to. And why you

Standard Template Library

Visual C++ .Net and GNU C++ Md. Mahmud Ahsan   Containers and algorithms: Like many class libraries, the STL includes container classes: classes whose purpose is to contain other objects. The STL includes the classes vector, list, deque, set, multiset, map, multimap, hash_set, hash_multiset, hash_map, and hash_multimap. Each of these classes is a template, and

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