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Integrate linkedin API part 2

linkedin-logoSomeday ago I was working in a site, where I’ve  implemented many features of linkedin via their API using PHP language. Linkedin has updated their API, they also introduced new Javascript based API and widgets . Javascript based api is very easy to integrate and widget is far easier than others.

Whatever, in this article I’ll update and inform you about some new functions I added in the old php library. First of all, if you want to read this article first read the old one where you’ll be informed about how to integrate linkedin, get token to use api  call and then come back here.

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Open Source Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin Status Update Application

facebook-twitter-linkedinAfter getting some of my friends request today I developed this project and released as Open Source GPL License. This is a php, jquery base application.This applications uses the api of facebook, linkedin and twitter to update user’s status on those sites. So you’ll publish one status that will update on 3 sites instantly.

This application will be very helpful to learn fbconnect, facebook extended permission and api to update status, oAuth for twitter and linkedin authentication. And also to learn linkedin api, twitter api usage.

visit to see the demo.

On the right side of the demo, you’ll see FBConnect button, Give Twitter Access and Give Linkedin Access Button.

If you want to update status in facebook, after connecting the site using FBConnect you’ve to give special permission by clicking Status Update permission.  Otherwise facebook status will not update.

On the right side write something and click Update Status. If you already give access permission for facebook, linkedin and twitter your user status will update.

facebook-twitter-linkedin status update

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Integrate linkedin api in your site

linkedin-logoNow a days most popular host sites provide api so that we integrate in our site to create mash-up application. Linkedin recently published their own apis. So now we can integrate linkedin apis in our site. So why we should integrate linkedin api:

  1. Users can bring linkedin profile and network in your site
  2. There are 52 millions users in linkedin so you can engage them in your site
  3. You may create authentication through linkedin api so that user don’t need to register in your site
  4. You can search profile, connection
  5. Users can also update their status from your site using linkedin apis
  6. And many more…

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