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Facebook wall post style

Stream publish is one of the vital issue in facebook application or facebook connect base application. If you want to publish stream from your facebook application or facebook page application then you have to call method with some parameters. If you want to publish from facebook connect base application then you have to call with

Open Source Facebook Photo Gallery

Two months ago, I developed a facebook photo gallery which is FBConnect, php, facebook api and Jquery based. Today I released the full project as open source GPL license. So you can download the full project, modify and create derivative products for your own purpose or commercial usage. Checkout the demo of the project

Facebook Widgets

If you have a site, then you should aware to increase more traffic in any possible way. If you’re aware on it, then you could use and integrate facebook widgets in your site. Currently there are 10 widgets provided by facebook. You could visit here to see all the widgets. Widgets integration is very

Communicating with Users via Email in Facebook

Facebook will stop notification system for Application soon. That means facebook application will not send notification to its users. Instead this facebook inspires developer to send email from their application to their users. But a application couldn’t send email until user specifically provide permission. And this is one of the extended permission of facebook. If

Render fbml app as iframe or vice versa

Suppose you’re using FBML for your canvas page and you think for one page it should be rendered as iframe then you may use fb:iframe in the page. But in facebook there is a better solution. Using fb_force_mode query string parameter you can render your fbml page as iframe or you can render  your iframe

Inspire user to bookmark your facebook app

If you develop facebook application then you should inspire your user to bookmark your application. If users like your application they will surely use it more often. And if they found bookmark button in the app they might click it to bookmark the application. As a result user will use your application easily. There are