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Open Graph Protocol Design

If you want to make your website as a part of social web you should implement the Open Graph protocol. It allows any web page to become a rich object in any social graph, making it easy to find what people are liking across the Web — from a movie to a blog. Checkout the

Graph api & javascript base Facebook Connect tutorial

Some days ago facebook released their new graph api system to develop social sites more easily. Its really cool and I personally like the facebook’s new graph api system.  Facebook also updated their old facebook connect system and provided better way to integrate facebook connect feature, user authentication and calling facebook api from website. In

How to detect administrator of facebook fan page

Sometimes you may need to check whether your fan page application viewer is the administrator of the page or not. You may provide some special information for the administrator of the page. Like you may provide a control panel to control the application so that the administrator can modify or update the application within the

How to use dashboard api of facebook

Recently facebook introduced 2 new features in homepage. If you look carefully on the left side you’ll see two new buttons: Applications Games These are called dashboards. So what is the purpose of these 2 dashboards? Using dashboards users can discover and engage with your applications on facebook Users can know which applications are used

How to be a facebook ninja developer

Now a days facebook web applications developing are highly demand-able. Many companies are creating facebook fan page for their website. Some of them need customize facebook applications to promote their services and products. So the demands for facebook application developer are increasing. In my career I’ve been developing various type of facebook applications for more

Facebook connect tutorial and api call

This article is now deprecated because facebook changed their connect system. So have a look my updated post There is nothing for me to write about facebook connect tutorial. Because if you visit Facebook_Connect_Tutorial1 You’ll see nicely written tutorial so that you could easily integrate facebook connect for your site. But in this article

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