Njump my first arcade game released today

I am happy to announce my first arcade game released today in Apple App Store. I started develop this game in 11th January 2016 and submitted the first version in 20th May, 2016. Apple is very fast within 30 hours they reviewed and approved my game. This is my 11th iOS game and first arcade game.

Vertical Dashed Line using SpriteKit SKShapeNode

In my latest game, I need to show a dashed vertical line when user break his previous record. The following code is used to create the red dashed line. func getVerticalLineShapeNode() -> SKShapeNode { let bezierPath = UIBezierPath() let startPoint = CGPointMake(0, 0) let endPoint = CGPointMake(0, 1536) bezierPath.moveToPoint(startPoint) bezierPath.addLineToPoint(endPoint) let pattern : [CGFloat] =

SpriteKit Memory Leak issue using Physics

Recently I started to develop a physics based SpriteKit game and found weird issue of memory leak. I have been using XCode 7.2 while developing the game. I noticed my game taking memory though I didn’t add much sprite and I checked carefully of remove nodes from scene. After a lot of debugging and testing

Post Mortem of Revenue Generated by a iOS Game

Some developer often think how much money can a moderate popular game or app generate? Some often think whether they should develop apps for mobile platform or not. Normally there are not much average revenue statistics  in online. I have several failed apps those don’t generate noticeable money. But this time I want to disclose about the

Maintaining 60+ Mobile apps is not an easy job

Over last 5 years, we developed 60+ iOS and Android apps. We are a small indie team. 2 full time developer and designer including me, and sometimes some part time freelancer programmer join us. I personally handle and maintain all the apps in the store, periodical updates, bug fixing etc. But maintaining this number of apps

How I use my Apple Watch

2 weeks ago I purchased an Apple Watch 38mm  Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band to test my apps in real time and to be more familiar from user view point. In my first view, I liked it. Its very simple to setup and to pair with my iPhone. I liked the force

Three quotes I like in this week

I read some articles in this week and here I am sharing some inspiring quotations and article sources. Source: godaddy-billionaire-bob-parsons-7-tips-for-entrepreneurs Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/249441  Source: https://medium.com/@jasonfried/the-obvious-the-easy-and-the-possible-a09387ad3652

MoPub banner auto load issue fix

I use MoPub mediation to show banner ads in my mobile apps. There is one issue I faced and today I am going here to share the solution. In my game app, I show banner ad at the end of game over page. And when user go to other screen i hide the banner ad.

Mobile Apps Monetization comparison among Google AdMob, Facebook Audience, Twitter MoPub, Apple iAd

Earning revenue by monetizing mobile apps is one of the key area in mobile apps development. In freemium apps showing advertisement is quite common, in this post I will share my experience of ad revenue among Google AdMob, Twitter MoPub, Facebook Audience, Apple iAd. I also used MdotM and MMedia for couple of years, but I no longer use them

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