How to avoid disabling Google AdMob ads display in your app

google-admobIf you’re developing mobile apps specially freemium apps, in most cases you earn money by in app purchase and showing ads display. Generating revenue by showing ads is common in freemium apps. Since 2010, I use mobile advertising in my mobile apps to generate revenue. In this 6 years, I experienced good things as well as pitfalls. I lost money by using Mobclix long ago, Google AdMob disabled my account and after appealing enabled it, I became a featured app developer by Google AdMob. So many experience I can share. Today I will share one recent experience of me that every mobile developer should be care of.

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Google AdMob Published Arabic Dictionary As Case Study

Google AdMob Featured

Today another great day for us. In 2013, Apple featured our app. Now Google AdMob featured and published our app as a case study for mobile apps developer for rest of the world.

I am the first Bangladeshi indie mobile app developer to achieve this success. My app is listed in 12 number position.

Featured Page:
Full Article by Google:

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Freemium or Only Paid Apps for Business

Avatar I started iPhone app development business since 2010 and Android app development business in 2014. So having better experience in iOS market, today I can say the paid or full premium application selling is declining day by day and on the other hand the free or freemium app profit increasing.

Since 2010, I was using different advertising option in my free apps, including iAd, Google AdMob, Millennial Media, MdotM, Mobclix (now dead) etc. Over time though I have faced some pitfalls by using different advertising option, but the best mobile advertising option is Google AdMob. They provide higher fill rate, higher revenue among all.

Though in my earlier days, I earn 60% from premium apps and 40% from ad revenue, but now the figure completely changed. Now, on average 75% revenue comes from advertising and 35% from paid app and in app sells.

The behavior of user is changed over time. Users really don’t like to pay unless no choice. Sometimes they bother on advertisement within app, they complain but very few complain I ever got. The funny thing of users behavior they want everything free. If we developers, give everything free they how we live! But overall I found many users accepts advertisement rather than removing advertisement by in app purchase.

If you’re an indie developer and new to app development business, my suggestion is follow the freemium model. And place advertisement in your apps wisely. Remember, full screen or interestial advertisement give better revenue than traditional banner advertisement. For this reason, we remove banner advertisement from some of our apps and having only interestial ads. But sometimes you’ve to use both for better revenue. And definitely you should sell some premium content within app via in app purchase. A market research is good to select the right model. For some apps people like to pay if they found no choice.

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Experience of Porting iOS app for Android

MinesweeperI’ve been developing iOS applications since 2010. The success started to come since 2011. So it is almost 5 years passed and some of our apps are very popular in Apple App Store. In this time we learned different kinds of experience. As a software developer specially mobile app developer life is not that kind of easy. You always have to learn new features, new things during your day job. And it would be more difficult if you have to work on multi platform specially iOS, Android etc. Without a team it’s really hard to make good app in both platform.

Now a days, you can’t rely on only one platform. If you develop a good app for iOS you should also port it for android if possible. Because there are vast number of users are using Android phones. Though for small team like us its not always easy. So recently we thought to port one of our iOS game for Android and to see the difficulties, API and market. So here I’ll share my experience of this porting.

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Better late than never

Drinking honey

My Macro Work

Once a senior brother told me, “Better late than never”. This is one of the very life changing proverb for me. After I graduated in Computer Science since 2008, I have been started my career as a PHP based web application developer. In 2010, there were some iPhone apps developing craze. Actually it started several years before 2010.  But I got some curiosity in 2010 to learn and develop apps in iOS platform.

It was not an easy way to start. I purchased a used mac laptop and a iPod Touch 2nd generation. Though I knew C and C++ very well, but Obj-C was a new language for me as well as iOS application development. But if you have serious passion you can master on anything. I started learning application development as a hobby beside my full time web development based job.

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My personal books collection in last 2 years

I love studying books very much. Since I came in Malaysia 2012, this are my personal collection. Though most of the books are photography related . Beside this I buy and study different kinds of ebook in my iPad.

My Personal Books Collection

Happy Reading :)

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Importance of iOS App Name In The Store

HangmanSince 2010 we have been developing and publishing iOS applications in the Apple Store, we got different kinds of experience. Today I want to share one of several experience with my blog readers who have interest in the mobile app market.

How much importance have an app name in the market?

It’s really very important. App name is crucial that may attract and distract users to download the app. Let me tell you a real app experience story. We develop and release the first version of Hangman Game in July 2012. At the time there are many Hangman style game. So it’s really tough to get a suitable name, like domain name. If someone already used a name you can’t use the same name in the store. So we used “Hangman Pro” at that time. The initial download and regular download was good.

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Frustrated About New AdMob Merged with AdSense

google-admob Yesterday I first saw the message “We have launched a new version of AdMob! Upgrade Learn more” at the top of my AdMob dashboard. When I click Upgrade I redirected to a new page, where I see I can’t login because 7 years ago my google account’s corresponding adsense account was disabled for invalid activity. Then I visited there new admob featured page to learn more about whats new.

My first disappointment was, as the New AdMob merged with AdSense, so the payment policy is followed by the AdSense. As a result, when you upgrade the new AdMob, you can no longer get your payment via Paypal and Wire Transfer. The only available options are EFT which is in very limited countries, Cheque (the old way) and for some countries Western Union.

I had been using AdMob since 2010 when I was in Bangladesh, 2012 I came in Malaysia. So for Bangladeshi users they can only get payment by cheque from the new Admob, and in Malaysia we can get payment via Cheque and Western Union. Personally I don’t like both options at all. I don’t like to go banks every month for this. In Bangladesh, there is no paypal so I used to get my income via Wire Transfer from AdMob. In Malaysia sometimes I used Paypal and sometimes Wire Transfer. But if I upgrade to the new AdMob, both options gone. What a shame!

Fortunately I yet not upgraded to new AdMob, and I really don’t want to upgrade. I wish Google will consider at least Wire Transfer as an option in outside of US. I really wonder if Apple, MMedia, MdotM and lots of other companies have no problem to send income via Wire Transfer, then why Google don’t want to use that option. This is shame for such a big company (Google).

I don’t know if in near future Google will force all the AdMob users to upgrade to the new system, until then I’ll continue to use. But if Google force, then I may continue to user their ad mediation system but may leave the admob advertise system in my apps.

For more about new AdMob: 

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Advertise Mediation for Mobile Apps


Mobile apps specially iOS/Android apps are a good market to earn revenue via in app advertising. Since 2010, I got different kinds of experience by using different service from different companies for our iOS apps. In this post I’ll share my experience with you to highlight how you can earn more revenue via in app advertising.

There are some very good advertising companies like Apple’s iAdGoogle AdMob, MdotM, MMedia, Jumptap etc.

To earn more revenue you should follow some rules. First rule is, never trust on only one advertising company. For example, in your iOS app you can only use iAd or Google AdMob, but is it really giving you more revenue? How you can know, this is the best option for your app? If you use only one advertising option, to change a new advertising support, you’ve to update your code and submit the app again. For iOS, it will take another 5~10 days to accept. And if you don’t use different service, you don’t know which company giving you best revenue.

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Add social feature quickly in your iOS app using OWActivityViewController

XCode Recently we used a nice social sharing feature library for one of our iOS application. The name of the library is OWActivityViewController. It is an open source alternative to UIActivityViewController. It is customisable and it supports from iOS 5.0. It offers the following features in an app:

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